Subcontracted mechanical machining for various application sectors.

B&T Officine Meccaniche is capable of providing consultation and support in various stages of mechanical machining, offering extensive operational experience. The company can manufacture both single and series of mechanical components based on customer specifications and drawings. Additionally, the use of CAD-CAM systems enables us to achieve high-quality results.

Flexibility is a fundamental element of our production activity; being subcontractors through an appropriate production structure, with skilled and capable personnel, allows us to address and meet requests from various sectors. Our accumulated experience enables us to work with all types of materials, whether from bar or casting. Various operations, such as heat treatments, honing, zinc plating, and chrome plating, are carried out where required.


The company has machinery that meets a wide range of customer needs. Production covers various types of products, from small shafts to medium-sized flanges, with an excellent cost-quality ratio.


A strength of B&T, thanks to vertical and horizontal multipallet milling centers that allow both series production and individual components with highly cost-effective processes. The large pallet dimensions and tool storage enable the loading of a wide variety of products.


Within the premises of an operational partner, B&T Officine Meccaniche performs all grinding and precision operations where required.


The processing sectors of B&T Officine Meccaniche

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