the company has machineries that can satisfy the most varied of customer requirements. Production covers different typologies of products, from the small shaft to middle sized flanges with an excellent cost quality ratio.


This is the strong point of our structure, thanks to vertical and horizontal multipallet milling centers that allow processing both of series and of single pieces with highly contained costs thanks to the wide offer flexibility. Large pallets and the vast tool warehouse allow the loading of an ample range of products both by size and type.


in a separate center of our group we perform the rectification and lapping operations, for a high level precision, where required.

Some examples of processing

Our Group is able to provide consultation and support in the manufacturing of your mechanical parts offering the practical experience consolidated over the years. Particular mechanics are performed in series and individually, on order and to the design of the customer; furthermore the use of CAD-CAM systems allows us to obtain high quality results.

Flexibility is the fundamental element of our productive activity; being tertiaries with a suitable productive structure, and trained and capable personnel, allows us to handle and satisfy the requests deriving from different sectors. The components produced are used in the mechanical, oil-dynamic, pneumatic, textile mechanics, electromechanics and hydraulic industries.

The matured experience allows us to use all types of material in bars and castings. A variety of operations are performed on request such as: thermal treatments, burnishing, galvanization and chroming.